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Parent/Student Challenge

September 4th - October 2nd

Week 1: Your relationship with God grows when you’re in a rhythm with Him.


Parent Challenge: One morning this week, ask your student what’s been on their mind recently. Are there things they’re stressed about or excited for? Then, shoot them a text mid-morning letting them know you prayed for them or are thinking about them!


Student Challenge: Students are introduced the idea of creating a rhythm to your faith by developing spiritual habits. To help students implement this idea, students will start by working on one of the most foundational habits to develop: prayer!


This week, students will participate in a 7-day prayer challenge. Each day for one-week, students will spend time in prayer. Even if it’s only for one minute, encourage them to give it a shot! You know your students best, so if they need guidance on what to pray for to help them get started, you can use the following outline:

  • Day 1: Pray for yourself.

  • Day 2: Pray for your family.

  • Day 3: Pray for your friends.

  • Day 4: Pray for your small group.

  • Day 5: Pray for something you’re thankful for.

  • Day 6: Pray for your school.

  • Day 7: Pray for one thing you want for your life 
this week.

Week 2: Worship is about connection, not perfection.


Parent Challenge: During a meal this week, share about a time you felt like God didn’t like you or wouldn’t accept you (and if your teen seems open, ask if they’ve ever felt that way). Share that you learned God cares more about connecting with us than getting perfection from us.


Student Challenge: To encourage students to practice connecting with God no matter what, we have challenged them to listen to only Christian music for 7 days.